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  • Morning Jolt: Pressure on Iraqi PM to step down

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    Islamic militants continue gaining ground in Iraq while pressure grows for Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to be removed for office in hopes of unifying the country. The U.S. continues to weigh its options for military intervention, including possible airstrkes.
    Opening bell
    The Dow Jones opened at 16,909.90 after closing yesterday at 16,906.62.
    Must-see video: Ukraine forces fight fierce battle with separatists
    Ukrainian military sources said Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian separatists were locked in a fierce battle in the rebellious east of the country on Thursday. One military source said heavy fighting broke out at around 4 a.m. near the town of Krasny Liman, which has been under government control since early this month. Separatists in the area appeared to have tried to break through a cordon of government troops, and up to 4,000 separatist fighters could be involved. Armored vehicles--possibly tanks--were being used by each side.

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