Cornerstone Transition has searched for some time and prayed unceasingly about starting a business to employ the ladies within the home, especially those in the first 90 days. The ladies have spent the past months detailing cars beside the house and have constantly improved. The detail business soon began to be a successful route to explore as a perfect way to employ the largest number of women. The leadership and ladies drove through Newport for months searching and praying for God to direct them toward something in particular. One day in July, God directed them to the perfect location for a detail business, the past Massey Service Station next to El Puente. Soon, support surfaced, including a donation of signage for the road to help promote the business, as well as a one-time donation in the amount of the first month’s rent.
    The prices are great, and the ladies do amazing work!! The cost is $15 per hour. The cost covers labor of $9 an hour and $6 an hour to replenish supplies and help with costs. Call 870-217-3017 (Bethany) or 870-416-4628 (Jennifer) to set up an appointment. The ladies use their wages to pay parole fees, cover fines in multiple counties, pay child support, rent, and many more expenses. Thankfully at Cornerstone, fundamental needs are taken care and the ladies can work to pay outside agencies
    Wash Me Clean is now open for business. Visit Cornerstone Transition on Facebook for more details.