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Letters Policy

Letters to editor policy:

The Opinion page should be a voice of the people and reflect views from a broad range in the community. Citizens can express their opinion in letters to the editor. Only a few simple rules need to be followed. Letters should be of public interest and not of the 'thank you' type. Please include your full signature, home address and telephone number on the letter for verification. All letters are subject to editing before publication, especially those beyond 600 words in length. Send to: Letters to the editor, The Daily Guard, P.O. Box 2036, Batesville, AR 72503.

Letters may also be e-mailed to: news@guardonline.com. Email is the preferred method.

Personal, guest and commentary columns on the Opinion page are the views of the writer. 'Other views' are editorials reprinted from other newspapers. None of these reflect the views of this newspaper.

Letters To The Editor Submission Form

You may submit letters to the editor by using the form below. All information must be accurate and complete. If any information is left out, your letter will not be published. We reserve the right to contact you to verify you are who you say you are and that you are the original writter of the letter.
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