Friday, February 3rd, Bradley George, Assistant Manager of Newport Wal-Mart presented a check of $ 1,500 to the Newport Special School District Charitable Foundation. The Foundation has spent approximately $14,400 this year to support achievements of the Newport School System. Donation include funding to send the 5-6th grade students to watch the Broadway Musical "Crazy For You "at Harding University, funded a Literacy Crossfit to train teachers and students on methods to incorporate reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills into the daily curriculum, funded Literacy WIN (Writing in Newport) -a weeklong writing workshop to train teachers aiding in the development of better writing skills of students, funded an FFA trip to the National Convention in Indianapolis, IN, and funded a grant to provide a classroom Christmas project for students with special needs. In addition, the Foundation gave $500 to each grade, kindergarten through 12th, to promote academics by providing academic incentives to students.