The July meeting of the Newport School District School Board took place on Tuesday, July 18th. The meeting was called to order at 6:02 pm. All board members were present, except Bryson Elston. The first order of business was the approval of the minutes from June 20th and the July 6th special meeting.
    In new business, the board took no action on the request for a student transfer as the parent did not submit a letter requesting the transfer.
    Michael McBryde and Melissa Marsh of Stephens, Inc. provided three hours of board training on School Finance. Judy Clampit led discussion on the 2016 legislative audit.
    In construction updates, Superintendent Bennett presented information on moving the electrical utility pole currently located in the middle of the fieldhouse parking lot. Entergy is willing to relocate the pole at District expense. Entergy estimated the cost of the relocation to be approximately $ 12,500. The board approved the relocation of the pole. Dr. Bennett shared information regarding estimates on replacing the sidewalk along Wilkerson Street. He is expecting quotes on the labor by the end of the week. The district would pay for the materials and the City of Newport would remove the existing sidewalk. The Superintendent will continue to provide information to the Board as quotes for the labor are presented.
    Dr. Bennett presented information regarding the possibility of closing Wilkerson Street to through traffic at the school. He has contacted the Mayor to request to be placed on a future City Council meeting agenda.
    After returning from executive session, the board took the following action;
Approved the transfer of Miriam Perez from Instructional Assistant to Migrant Aide, Accepted resignations of John Scott (Elementary Instructional Assistant), Michael Brumley (High School Math), and Heather Beckham (High School Art Teacher). The board approved the hire of Brit Singleton (High School Math Teacher), Sharon Clark and Chelsea Baumgartner (both as Pre-K Teachers).
    The meeting adjourned at 9:45 pm.