On Monday, August 7th,  Every Child Is Ours received a truck load of watermelons from Northeast Arkansas Food Bank.  Tuckerman Mayor David Dickson picked up the melons and brought them back.  John 3:17 had  wonderful people help fill and take boxes of food for the elderly.  This is the ultimate in team work with the Jackson County Public Schools,  City of Tuckerman , Northeast Arkansas Food Bank,  John 3:17, Tuckerman Senior Center, People Helping People,  Wilbur Mills Center and Every Child Is Ours.  Whether the cause is feeding people, back packs for students, clothes from the ECIO boutique, counseling from counselors at Wilbur Mills or any other need for our communities,  we know together we are stronger.  ECIO serves the cities of Swifton, Grubbs, Tuckerman, Campbell Station, Diaz, Amagon, and Jacksonport!