Pep Rally’s usually take place for sporting events, but the students and faculty at Swifton Middle School saw the need for “pep” and held a rally for Rachel Ethridge, one of their librarians battling breast cancer.  
    Rachel Ethridge has worked for the Jackson County School District for several years. She has two children, Luke and Lauren, who attend school within the district, so it is only natural for the effects of cancer to impact the entire school. According to Ethridge, her kids said having the support of their peers is helping them cope with their mom's diagnosis.
    Although Rachel works for Jackson County School District, the entire county has come together in support. Rural counties tend to rally around those in need. Although Newport is about ten miles south of Tuckerman, the support for Rachel has been limitless. Tee shirts were sold to help offset some costs of the fight against cancer.
    The love of community is a wonderful thing. Many people pass away without the realization of how many lives they have impacted. Rachel is blessed to witness it now. With love, Jackson County supports your fight, will be there with strength when you are running low, and will forever be on TEAM RACHEL!