Swifton Middle School had an assembly on Friday, August 18th celebrating the Every Child Is Ours Boutique. The boutique is run by Sandra Provence and Tammy Clausen with the assistance from Linda Norris and many others. The clothes in the Boutique are donated by Dillards. In order to buy clothes, you must earn ECIO bucks. Students can do good deeds, help others to excel in class work or improve their own abilities. In order to buy the things they want.
There was a fashion show with modeling of the latest school clothes from Dillards presented by Julie Geha and Kristen Warfield. The Swifton Middle School students modeled the clothes.
The highlight of the day was the naming of the three students for the First annual ECIO “Against all Odds “Award.  This Award is based on the example set by former Governor Mike Beebe who is from Jackson County. Governor Beebe understood that education mattered and worked hard to achieve excellence for all Arkansans . The winners of the award, Ariel Stanbaugh, Calissa Wood, and Hunter Arter received new school clothes, shoes and jewelry from Dillards. They also were escorted around town in the CROWN LIMO led by Swifton police.  They had lunch at Every Child Is Ours and were escorted back to Swifton Middle School by the Tuckerman Fire and police Department with sirens personifying our pride in Jackson County Schools.