On Friday, September 8th, Newport was blessed to have Officer Tommy Norman of the North Little Rock Police Department visit. Officer Norman’s belief in community policing serves as a beacon of hope for police forces and communities across the nation.     “Your badge should have a heartbeat,” Officer Tommy Norman recently shared in an interview with Fox News. In a world that recently has been bombarded by news of violence surrounding police, Norman’s message is a powerful one.
    Officer Norman’s Facebook and Instagram posts are followed by the hundreds of thousands. Having served as a cop for the North Little Rock Arkansas Police Department since 1998, Norman has had countless interactions with the Little Rock community. Early on, he was assigned to work in some of the tougher areas in the community and for nearly two decades he has dug in his heels to promote what he describes as community policing. Instead of blaming community members for the problems that existed, he strives to be an active part in helping them overcome their challenges. Today, Tommy Norman stands as integral part of each neighborhood in his community.
    He truly relies on his heart to carry out the duties that accompany his badge. When he’s not making friends with peaceful community members, he’s making friends with the individuals who require disciplinary action. He has found that while making arrests or carrying out official business, his relationships within the community have created a deep bridge of respect that enables him to carry out his work effectively. He feels that officers must treat people with respect and dignity regardless of their crimes.
    According to the Arbinger website, the thing that makes Tommy Norman an asset is simple. Tommy Norman sees people. He deeply values the needs, objectives, and challenges of the people he interfaces with every day, whether they are in handcuffs or enjoying ice cream on their porch. This focus on others has enabled him to build genuine relationships that are the foundation of a community that is not resistant to the police force, but responsive to it. The heart of one Arkansas officer has caused a ripple of impact that stretches far beyond his department to communities across the nation.