Have you met Bill B’bore? I recall the first time I met him at a peewee football practice. His outgoing personality and willingness to volunteer set him apart immediately. Bill is married to Dr. Virgincita Fuentes. As a local physician, the community knows her not only as a doctor, but cheer mom, football mom, wife and volunteer. The couple moved to Newport in 2013 when Virgincita accepted a position at Harris Hospital, which is now Unity Harris Medical Center. Virgincita operates a Family Practice Clinic, holds a position as hospitalist ten to twelve days a month, and serves as Medical Director of Lindley Health and Rehab.  
    Bill attends Arkansas State University- Jonesboro and will graduate in December. He plans to attend law school in Little Rock, which means a daily commute. Commuting is not foreign to the couple. During Virgincita’s time at UAMS, Bill was in the army, where he was an instructor at the demolition range. Due to the crazy schedule of a resident, the kids lived with Bill in Kentucky and later Fort Benning, GA. “The kids, our two dogs and I would head to Arkansas on Friday twice a month to see mom,” laughs Bill. “You can only imagine the fun times on these trips. All of us in a Ford Mustang!”
    How did this wonderful family choose to settle in Newport? “Robert Rupp recruited me while I was at UAMS my final year of residency,” states Virgincita. She explains that doctors receive offers from all over the country. This allows new doctors to “choose their own adventure.” The couple loved the Arkansas weather and chose Newport, as compared to offers from Seattle or farther north. “People are warm in Arkansas. Even people I do not know say hello,” says Virgincita.
    During the interview process, the couple became fast friends with Mary and Steve Reid. Mary was their real estate agent, which sold them “the big yellow house,” as many refer to it. Bill has since painted it blue. The couple have three children. Andre is in the 7th grade at Newport High School and is a member of the Newport Greypup football team. Elisa is in 3rd grade at Newport Elementary and a peewee cheerleader. The newest addition to the family is Billy, who will turn one this year.
    The couple became absorbed in the community from the beginning. Bill has been involved in the Jackson County Humane Society, serves as a Director for Portfest, and helped coach pee wee football and much more.  All of these activities are part of why the family loves Newport. “We love the small town and the ability to get anywhere in five minutes.” The couple laugh as they tell about the game the kids play when at Wal-Mart. They count how many people stop them to talk or just say hello.
    The family loves trying new things. Bill took his family on a duck hunt last year. “It was amazing,” states Dr. Fuentes. “I never say no to an activity until I have tried it. That is a deal we made. Although everyone has different interests, as a family, we want to share them with each other.” The family love animals. Bill laughs that he had to stop fostering animals, because the family would talk him into keeping them. They have two cats, two inside dogs and a few outside.
    If you have not met Bill, Virgincita, and their precious family, it will not be long. They are active and supportive of all things Newport and Jackson County. We are thankful they chose Newport!