Newport Basketball travelled to Tuckerman on Tuesday, January 24th. The night was split wins between the two teams. The Sr. Lady Bulldogs lost to the Lady Hounds 56-49, but the Sr. Greyhounds lost to the Tuckerman Bulldogs. The game was full of excitement for the girl’s teams and a great game to watch. At the ends of the first quarter, the Lady Hounds were up by 3 points, 18-15, but would pull away from Tuckerman in the second quarter by 10 points and ended the half, Lady Hounds 36 Lady Bulldogs 23. Tuckerman gained momentum in the third quarter by outscoring Newport by seven points. The end of the third quarter score was Newport 42 Tuckerman 36. With a full quarter to play, each team had the chance to pull out the win. The Lady Hounds scored 14 points to the Bulldog 13 points, to secure the win for the Lady Hounds.

Leading scorers for the Lady Hounds were # 15 Jada Walton with 21 points, # 3 Yasmine Friar and # 14 Saqueena Morgan with nine points each, # 23 Jada Brown putting up six points, # 13 Keria Worsham with eight points and # 22 Hannah Curtis with three points. Leading scorers for the Lady Bulldogs were # 25 Peowy with 17 points, # 32 O’Banion with 13 points, # 4 Hulett with 8 points, # 40 Lane with seven points and # 14 Ivy with four points.

The Greyhounds were defeated by the Tuckerman Bulldogs 61-39. The score remained close the 1st quarter, Tuckerman 12- Newport 10, but by the end of the second quarter, the Bulldogs had pulled ahead 31-20. The Bulldogs returned after the half on fire and ready to play. The Hounds only scored five points in the third quarter. With Tuckerman’s 19 point gain in the third, the score at the end of the quarter was THS 50 – NHS 25. With the win in sight for the Bulldogs, the Hounds continued to fight and scored competed to the end, putting up another 13 points to the Bulldog 11. The game was a great win for the Tuckerman Bulldogs. The night was split with a win for the Newport Lady Hounds and a win for the Tuckerman Bulldogs. Lead scorers for the Hounds included # 35 Ricky Stewart with 11 points, # 20 Larry Nicholson with 10 points, and # 5 Can King with six points. Lead scorers for the Tuckerman Bulldogs were # 1 Roberson with 18 points, # 30 Zane Smith with 14 points, # 35 Dylan Smith with 10 points, # 24 Dennis with 9 points and # 10 Hockaday put up seven points.