The Newport Greyhounds travelled to Highland on Tuesday, August 22nd for a scrimmage against the Rebels. The 2017 Greyhounds showed up to play and show great promise for the upcoming season. The Greyhounds host the season opener against Gosnell tomorrow night at Greyhound Field. Game time is set for 7 pm. Athletic Director and Head Football Coach Mark Hindsley took time to answer a few questions.
Your philosophy-Why do you coach?
I believe in a set list of priorities; GOD, Family, School, Football, and Everything else. (In that Order) The team has three goals; 1. Trust, 2. Graduate, 3. WIN!
Everyone works hard to do our job. This starts with the coaches down to the managers. Everyone has a role and that role is defined with an expected outcome in mind. Every player is held accountable on three basic rules that are stressed on a daily basis. I coach for the opportunity to be around athletics and watch how sports leads to maturity. Hopefully, I am able to witness how my influence helps a player’s success in life.
What is it like to be coached by you?  How would others describe their experience playing for you?
I coach players the same as I parent my own children. I think it is a tough love that demands players to do their best and discipline when needed. I hope players that have been on my team understand (now or later in life) the reason for high expectations and the standards.  I want them to grow and develop into men.  
What are your goals for the Greyhound program?  How will you define success?
Our Team Goals of     1. Trust     2. Graduate    3. WIN!
Success is measured by accomplishing the role you are given in the best possible way and being a person of character, doing your job on and off the field.
What is your strategic and technical philosophy of football and give some details to your offensive and defensive philosophies that you incorporate.
Offensive – Multiple, but simple, in order to let the kids play fast. To always work to gain positive yards, positive yards gain first downs, and first downs gain Touchdowns! Play clean and secure the football on very snap.
Defense – Multiple, but simple, in order to let kids play fast. To play with great leverage and build a wall, swarm and tackle with good technique. The goals are stop the run, limit big plays, and take the football. The job on defense is to not let them score and we will win.
Special Teams - Be consistent and simple. Have special teams that gain field position to give control to the offense and the defense.
What will I see in the average practice day for the Greyhound football program?       
Fast up tempo practices with situations stressed every day. Situations practiced and prepared for, so when the time comes we have an answer. Practices that reinforce fundamentals on a daily basis in order to be sound in our technique.  
How will you ensure that student-athletes from Newport display a positive sportsmanship-type image/identity of our program?
The staff stresses positive sportsmanship daily to the players. By following the three simple rules and holding them accountable when the rules are not followed. The team has a captain’s council that holds the players accountable. Players are expected to do their job on and off the field in order to have a program people can be proud of and want to be part of.
Being a Head Football Coach is a huge responsibility.  How do you manage your time between, coaching, job and family life?
The same philosophy of “Do your Job” is incorporated across my life. The players have two jobs of on and off the field. I tell them I have two jobs as well; be a responsible father and husband at home and secondly, being their coach. I work hard at both.
What would be the highlight of playing in your program?  What do you want kids to take from your program?
I want the players to know at the end of the day I am teaching them to grow. I want them to understand my expectations and why I believe in them. I love when kids come back and remember about the good days of being a Greyhound.