Greyhound fans use the slang term “Hound Hater” when referring to websites or ranking sites that fail to acknowledge the team, such as Fearless Fridays and Hooten’s top ten. Currently, this Greyhound team is still not ranked in the top ten, which clearly shows the bias. Dictionaries define a “hater” as a person who greatly dislikes a specified person or thing or a person who thrives on showing hate toward, criticizing, or belittling other people or things, usually unfairly.
    The Newport Greyhounds are shown little respect or credit for the hard-nosed grit and toughness that characterizes a true Greyhound. Those characteristics are difficult to understand, or relate to, by other football programs. Hound grit and toughness is noticeable from the offensive line, which rarely substitutes new players, to the hard hitting defense consisting of the Bash Brothers, Clark, Friar and others. The 2017 Greyhounds have what it takes to be top dog. In the spring, word spread among Arkansas Football of Newport’s roster being somewhat different this season. The critics, those “Hound Haters”, failed to understand Newport’s football program. Newport Football takes the gut punches and hits to the chin, to further motive them to win.
    What is different about the 2017 Greyhounds? Certain characteristics stand out. First, the team has unending faith; faith in God, faith in each other, faith in the coaches, and faith in the community. A faith not taught, but sown. A faith sown from childhood, little boys in a small town and a tough world, with a love for the game and desire to be the best Greyhound yet. A faith in the coaches’ love for them and the coaches’ desire for the players to be successful in life, even more successful than on the football field.
     Second, these Greyhounds have courage; courage to pick each other up, courage to grow up a good man in this hard world, courage to face a teammate’s sickness, horrible home life, lack of money or just about anything that comes their way. The team is doing it together.
    Finally, Newport Football is a team made up of young men that deserve community support. The same support given to each generation of Greyhounds. These 2017 players do the right things, act in a way to honor the program, put themselves second, and encourage each other. Each Greyhound team is different with a unique personality. This team is fun-loving, gritty, tough, smart, devoted, and dedicated. The 2017 Greyhounds are THAT team fans will remember and smile. This team will be followed by the community and welcomed home always. If Newport is truly blessed, these boys will find their way right back to little ole Newport and carry on the legacy and traditions.
    Newport Greyhounds hosted the Gosnell Pirates on Friday, September 1st for the season opener. The stands were full and excitement was in the air as the Hounds took to the field.    Statistically, the Greyhounds had 16 first downs, accumulated 215 yards in 39 rushes. Quarterback Cash Forrester had 10 completions of 16 pass attempts for 43 yards. Hound penalties were kept to a minimum; four penalties for a total of 30 yards. The offense completed six third down conversions.
    Offensively, rushing leaders included # 44 Joe Broadus for 168 yards in 24 rushes and # 2 Tariq Richardson had 53 yards in nine attempts. Receiving leaders included # 24 Oshae Pruitt for 25 yards in five receptions, followed by # 18 Alberto Garcia with eight yards in two attempts, and # 21 Julius Clark and # 3 James Dixson both with six yards each. Kickoff return included # 4 Monquell Cox “Pooh Bear” for 27 yards in one return and # 7 Tydrell Friar with 15 yards in three returns.
    Defensively, the Hounds were amazing. The team had a total of 39 tackles and three sacks (-24 yards). Defensive leaders include “Bash Brothers” # 32 Julius Pruitt with eight tackles and a sack, followed by older brother # 24 Oshae Pruitt with 4.5 tackles. # 52 Colby McCoy with four tackles and # 56 Luke Samaniego with 3.5 tackles. # 50 Alex Emery led topped the list of sacks with one and a half.
     It was a great night to be a Hound, wear the orange and black and fellowship with those with a common love for the gridiron.