Incomplete. Sack. Penalty. Fumble. No Good. Punt. Fans grew tired of those words Friday night as the Hounds lost to the Piggott Mohawks. The Newport Greyhounds travelled to Piggott on Friday, October 6th and the evening was plagued with misfortune and error. The Hounds fell to the Mohawks 51-12, resulting in 2-2 record in conference play.
    The first quarter was the most disastrous for the Hounds. The Hounds were limited by lingering injury and lack of depth. The Mohawks jumped ahead of the Hounds 38-6 by the end of the quarter and the Hounds seemed to be playing in a haze the remainder of the game. The Piggott Mohawks matched the Hounds speed with hard-hitting tackles and blocks that never let up.  Quarterback Cash Forrester passed for the only Hound touchdown of the first half. Neither team scored in the second quarter, score remained 38-6 at half-time.
    The third quarter was significantly better, both teams scored, unable to score the extra point or two point conversion. The score was 42-12 at the start of the fourth quarter. Piggott scored another touchdown and extra point in the fourth to end the game 51-12.
    Statistically, the Greyhounds had eight first downs to the Mohawk 21. The Hounds rushed for 80 yards in 33 attempts. The Hounds completed 68 passing yards in 6/10 attempts. The Hounds fumbled the ball twice and lost possession. There were six Greyhound penalties for a total of 32 yards.
    Rushing leaders included # 44 Joe Broadus for 79 yards in 15 carries and one touchdown, and # 4 Monquell Cox for 24 yards in nine carries.  Passing leaders were # 16 Cash Forrester for 54 yards in 4/8 completions and one touchdown and # 7 Tydrell Friar for 14 yards in 2/2 completions. Receiving leaders were # 21 Julius Pruitt with three receptions for 48 yards and one touchdown, # 24 Oshae Pruitt with two receptions for 11 yards and # 18 Alberto Garcia with nine yards in one reception. Kickoff return leaders included # 8 Garrett Body for 38 yards in three returns, # 2 Tariq Richardson for 13 yards in a single return, # 1 Mitchell Thomas for 13 yards in one return and # 7 Friar gained no yards in a single return.
    Defensively, the Hounds made 47 tackles. Leaders included “Bash Brothers” # 32 Julius Pruitt and Oshae Pruitt with seven tackles each, # 51 Zane Watkins and # 21 Julius Clark with six tackles, followed by # 4 Cox with four tackles. Tackles were also made by # 8 Body (3), # 18 Garcia (2), # 20 JT Haynes (2), # 56 Luke Samaniego (2), # 70 Dalton Phillips (2), # 7 Friar (2) and # 50 Alex Emery (2).
    For the season to date, the offensive has accumulated 1362 yards rushing, 434 yards passing, and passing is 34 completions in 84 attempts (40 percent). # 4 Monquell Cox leads the offensive with 483 yards and # 32 Julius Pruitt leads the team in tackles with 43 total. The Hounds travel to Corning tomorrow night. Kickoff set for 7 pm.