The Newport Greyhounds ended the regular season schedule Friday, November 3rd. The Mighty Hounds are part of a fiercely competitive conference consisting of such powerhouse teams as Rivercrest and Osceola. The Hounds finished the 2017 season a fifth seed heading into the state playoffs. Statewide, football fans misunderstand the hard-nosed competition within the Greyhound season schedule. Newport never takes the easy way out for the first three non-conference games. Instead, the Hounds take on teams which sometimes include teams within higher classifications or great football programs like our own; teams hoping to establish themselves as winners against the Might Hounds. No mistake, the legacy of Newport Football is the source of unending envy and jealously throughout the state. When the time comes and senior greyhounds leave Newport High, move into another season of life, the words “I was a Newport Greyhound” resonate in conversations about football.
    Statistically, the greyhounds 2017 season numbers are impressive. The team scored a total 320 points, accumulated 3315 yards, ran 514 offensive plays, had 2417 yards rushing, 898 yards passing, completed 69/143 passes, and intercepted seven passes. Offensive leaders include: Joe Broadus (977 yards),
Monquell Cox (809 yards), Tariq Richardson (378 yards) and Julius Clark (317 yards).
    Junior Quarterback # 16 Cash Forrester rushed 19 times for 127 yards and totaled 14 touchdowns.
    Junior Running Back # 44 Joes Broadus ran the football 155 times for a total of 977 yards. He was responsible for 16 touchdowns and one defensive sack.
    Sophomore # 4 Monquell “Pooh bear” Cox had 98 carries for 741 yards rushing and scored six touchdowns.
    Senior # 2 Tariq Richardson ran the ball 43 times for 378 yards.
    Senior # 7 Tydrell Friar had 20 carries for 184 yards and 32 tackles (29 solo tackles).  
    Junior # 21 Julius Clark scored seven touchdowns for the Greyhounds, and made 49 tackles (42 solo tackles) defensively.
    The notorious “Bash Brothers” Senior # 24 Oshae Pruitt and Junior # 32 Julius Pruitt are responsible for 140 tackles together. O. Pruitt made five touchdowns, 57 solo tackles and five sacks. J. Pruitt led in tackles with 73 total tackles (65 solo tackles) and three sacks.
    The Mad Dog defense made 373 tackles and 19 sacks for a season total of 460. Of all the great things associated with this defense, the players caused six forced fumbles, made five fumble recoveries, six interceptions and three defensive touchdowns.
    Senior Alberto Garcia, another defensive leader, accumulated 33 tackles, including 28 solo tackles and two sacks. Other sacks include Alex Emery (4), Dalton Phillips (2), Colby McCoy (2) and Conner Prince (1).