This week I will introduce you to one of my favorite dragons!  In fact I just ordered the series of five driftwood dragons.  I really like dragons and wizards.  Well that is not completely truthful.  I like all molds, Jesus’, Angels, Santa’s, Christmas Trees, Dragons, Deer, Squirrels, Dogs, Turkeys, Fish, Wolves, Indians and the list goes on and on.  I have so many molds it is hard to choose which one to post.  So if you would like to see something text me what you would like to see and if I have it I will get it on the web.

War Lord Dragon—Doc Holliday 1771

Base coat entire piece black Dry brush dragon and wings with Midnight Blue, highlight with midnight blue and a touch of White lightly mixed together on your brush, add Rainforest to brush and highlight. Dry brush stomach and purple part of the legs with Dioxazine Purple add a touch of white to purple to highlight then lightly dry brush with iridescent white to blend together. Dry brush rocks with Light Grey and white, wet brush lightly with touches of purple, midnight blue, and rain forest. Add more white and dry brush the icicles. Paint tongue with Garnet Red Paint teeth white Dry brush sword, toe nails, tips on wings and gold places on face with finger tip Burnish Gold Spray with sealer When piece is dry brush glitter on dragon.

Greenware is $14.30 or Bisk is $20.80 or I will teach you how to paint the dragon in class for $15.00.

Doc Holliday  American   Duncan  Wal-Mart

Midnight Blue   Dioxazine Purple  Garnet Red  Black

Rain Forest          White

Light Grey          Iridescent White

Burnish Gold (finger tip) Brush on glitter