One of the most anticipated shows of 2108 has finally premiered, and to call Black Lightning a success by Twitter standards is kind of an understatement.

Black Lightning is not your typical CW fare, focusing on middle-aged, retired superhero, Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams) as he picks his mantle back up at a time in his life when he's already loaded down being an ex-husband, father to two teen daughters, a high-school principal and all-around golden boy of the neighborhood. When his daughters are kidnapped by drug dealers, however, he has no choice but to put the super-suit back on and harness his lightning powers for the forces of good again.

It also goes without saying that this show is different because it depicts a black superhero (and spoiler alert: his black super-family), which created a pretty great opportunity for Twitter to weigh in on whether show nailed the racial politics or missed the mark.

Black Lightning Is The CW's Most Personal Superhero Story

For most viewers, Black Lightning didn't just hit the mark, it bulls-eyed every shot it took.

That cop scene was too real. #BlackLightning #getlit

— divinityrocs (@divinityRocs) January 17, 2018

#BlackLightning is good so far! A lot of Black Excellence!

— J.I.R.T. (@tempesttbaggett) January 17, 2018

#BlackLightning is already trending #1? Damn looks like everyone is already woke to the show. 🏿

— Dimeji Babalola (@dimejibabalola) January 17, 2018

#BlackLightning hasn't even been on for 20mins and I already LOVE IT!!! ️️

— LEΛ (@_LeaaMarie) January 17, 2018

OK, but it's so important to see a black man return to his community and give back his time and talent, not just his money. Thank you @blacklightning #BlackLightning #GetLit

— April Morris (@April_Le_) January 17, 2018

Afropunk, SZA, MLK references in the first 15 mins. Not the average superhero show #BLACKLIGHTNING

— Chris Alonzo (@ChrisAlonzo__) January 17, 2018

Finally a black tv show that isn't promoting colorism. All the cast are brown skin and dark skin. #BlackLightning @blacklightning @TheCW

— carolina blue (@TheBlueAngel87) January 17, 2018

#BlackLightning is topical, socially aware & just all round badass. THIS is exactly what we mean when we say representation matters.

— Abrataxas🏼️ (@desi_dilwali) January 17, 2018

"Why is #BlackLightning a vigilante, but the white people with powers are heroes?"
I see you @rolandsmartin...

— James Brown (@JayB_124) January 17, 2018

I'm really intrigued by a superhero who is mad at their identity as a hero for the toll it takes. #BlackLightning

— Erin Scott (@WriteTimeToDraw) January 17, 2018

#BlackLightning + Black Twitter = Greatness

— King Bryan (@imkingbryanbow) January 17, 2018

Black Lightning airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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