Hot Springs Village police made several arrests, routine public assists, welfare checks and worked a wide variety of other reported incidents.

Nov. 22
Police went to a domestic disturbance at Daganza Place at 1:41 a.m. A woman said she tried to leave to get food and her husband blocked the door. She told police she hit her husband on his shoulder with her purse, and he then slapped her hard on the side of her face. Officers photographed a possible bruise on the side of her face. Her husband told police he had blocked the door because his wife had four large alcoholic drinks when they went to a restaurant earlier, and he did not want her driving. Donna Kathryn Owen, 57, North Diamond Loch, North Richland Hills, Texas, was arrested for third-degree domestic battery, a Class D felony charge in this case because of her husband’s age, 62. Steven Owen, of the same address, who admitted to drinking alcohol and slapping his wife, was arrested for third-degree battery, a misdemeanor, the report said. Both were taken to Garland County jail.
An officer controlled traffic at the West Gate while POA maintenance staff blew debris out of the streets.
An officer went to a hospice death on Bolada Circle.
A Villager told police an unknown person opened four credit accounts in his name. One had a $387.86 balance.
An Estremedura Drive resident, Daniel Louis Morel, 53, was arrested without incident at his home on a warrant for theft by receiving. He was taken to Garland County jail.
An officer helped a Marinero Way man open his garage door.
A property owner told police his boat ladder had disappeared at an unknown time. It is docked at Balboa Marina. He said he could not recall if he had locked the ladder in place.
There was no sign of damage to the lock, and the report said the ladder could have blown off during heavy wind on Nov. 19.
Three teenagers were reportedly chasing geese in the Balboa Golf Course area.
A white Ford Fusion reportedly tailgated in Glazier Peau Gate, and turned left on Mazarron.
A gray sedan reportedly tailgated in Balboa Gate and headed north toward DeSoto Boulevard. The report said the officer was already in the area when the call was received and he had not seen a vehicle matching the description, and was unable to locate it.
After a 911 hang-up call from a Ciclamor Way home, the owner said a guest had accidentally called 911.
An officer drove to Adoracion Way, where LifeNet had needed help entering a home. Medical staff was able to gain entry.

Nov. 23
A Villager told police a deer collided with a vehicle near Fresno Road and Patacon, but it ran off.
An officer responded to a traffic complaint on Sanchez Way, where an estate sale was being held. He monitored traffic, but did not see speeding vehicles.
An officer went to a 911 hang-up call at Good Samaritan Society, where it was determined someone must have dialed 911 in error.
After a traffic stop on a 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier at Barcelona Road at DeSoto Boulevard, the driver was cited for driving on a suspended license. The driver said he did not know it was suspended for failure to appear. A passenger had a valid license and drove the car home.

Nov. 24
An Onda Lane resident said his neighbor kept shining a laser on his home. The laser’s owner said he had been playing with it and accidentally shined it on the neighbor’s house, and would put it away.
Garland County Sheriff’s Department and an officer helped on Highway 7 near Beaudry Circle, where a vehicle had hit a pedestrian. A LifeNet air ambulance picked up the victim.
Dogs were reportedly barking on Gancho Way.
A Villager told police he was scammed out of $435 after being told he had won Publisher’s Clearinghouse. The caller, “John Diamond,” kept calling back and was told to quit calling.
A complainant told police men in an unmarked white van drove up to an unoccupied Rodilo Lane home, saying they had been sent by the bank to change locks. The men banged on each outside door handle and then left.
After a disturbance at DeSoto Dog Park, a man found walking away from the park said another man had been cursing him and calling him inappropriate names. The man said he had asked the other man if he wanted to fight, but there was no physical altercation. A man at the dog park told police he had been minding his own business with his small dog when a woman told him he had to leave. He said the woman had done so before. He said when he refused to leave, the woman came up to him and started yelling. The man that police saw walking away then came up and started cursing and threatening to fight, he said, adding that he said he told him he did not wish to fight and never threatened to. The woman then left and the other man left right after that, he said. The man found walking away was told when someone is getting into an altercation, to call police and not get into harm’s way. The man at the park was told a small dog could be on either side of the park; one side is reserved for small dogs. However, the dog’s owner said he would not be coming back.
A large brown boxer evaded capture on Cabra Lane and Madrid Way.
A gold Chrysler with a Texas license plate reportedly tailgated in Balboa Gate and drove to Salvatierra Lane.
A 10-inch copper vase was stolen from Cedarvale Cemetery. It was last seen in early October, and was discovered missing today. Loss: $200.
A Mercedes-Benz driver told police she was blinded by the sun and ran into a Ford Taurus at Highway 7 and DeSoto Boulevard. Damage: Mercedes-Benz, $2,000; Ford, $5,000.

Nov. 25
A property owner told police she swiped her card at Glazier Peau Gate to allow a guest who had been called in to the East Gate to enter.
A patrolling officer found a portable toilet lying on its side at 1:39 a.m. at DeSoto Beach.
A white Ford Fusion that is registered to a Villager reportedly tailgated in Glazier Peau Gate.
Complainants in the area of Pontrevedra Circle and Hendaye Way reported hearing early-morning gunshots.
Police asked estate sale employees on Narvaez Way and also on Sur De Curso Lane to ensure cars kept out of yards and off the road.
Unsupervised children were reportedly playing at DeSoto Recreation Area, but a responding officer found no one.
A Heraldia Lane resident told police her five-passenger Sun Slider paddleboat is missing, and may have floated away during a storm.
A possible intoxicated driver was reportedly at a Highway 7 store. The driver walked away before an officer arrived.
A box truck and a Buick car that had been parked at Carmona Storage Center reportedly were vandalized.

Nov. 26
An injured deer was reported to be near Elcano Drive and Sorperndente Lane.
An officer delivered a death notification at a Fineza Way home.
After an altercation that began after two employees were caught drinking after hours, at 12:30 a.m., at a Village restaurant, Michael Shane Pierce, 44, Dell Street, Hot Springs, was arrested and charged with third-degree battery. A man who was assisting the restaurant’s owner told police his eye was injured after Pierce allegedly knocked him to the ground. Another employee, who had allegedly tried to strike the owner’s helper with a Worcestershire bottle, ran off before police arrived when he was escorted outside. The report said Pierce had an almost-empty bottle of Knob Creek Whiskey lying beside him, but he denied drinking more than two shots. The owner told police the employees should have been finished no later than 10 p.m. Pierce was taken to Garland County jail.
An officer helped keep the peace at a Galada Lane home, where an adult son was moving out.
The fire department extinguished a grass fire on Carmona Road, between Pontrevedra and Palicio.
A deer died after running out in front of a 2014 Mazda on Ponce de Leon Drive, near Lavanda Lane. The driver said he was driving well below the speed limit because the area has many deer. The Mazda had no damage.

Nov. 27
At the owner’s request, an officer escorted the owner serving a notice to quit on a Pyrenees Circle home.
A Villager reported a scam call, of someone claiming to be calling from a law office.
A repossessor lacking proper paperwork or an invitation to enter was denied entry at the East Gate.
A utility truck reportedly tailgated in Balboa Gate.
A former employee allegedly called and threatened a Villager. The victim said he would pursue a terroristic threatening charge.

Nov. 28
A Dulzura Lane man who answered the door with a shotgun was warned against answering the door with any firearm in the future. The man had called police about a disturbance, but there was no evidence of anyone else being at the home.
A patient accidentally drove up and hit an elevated sidewalk and guardrail at CHI St. Vincent, 401 Ponce de Leon Drive. Damage: sidewalk and rail, $600; vehicle, $800.
An Encantado Lane resident told police her grandson must have left the front door open, allowing her small dogs to exit. She was cited for violation of the Saline County dog ordinance. The report said the officer waved his baton at the dog to protect himself as he approached the home.
An Esmeralda Place owner said she taped a notice to quit on a door on Nov. 9, but an officer told her it must be sent by certified mail, hand-delivered or have the tenant’s acknowledgment of its receipt.
A man granted emergency custody of his 3-year-old child on Nov. 28 could not find anyone at home at the child’s Laja Circle home.
The owner of a 12-foot dual-axle box trailer told police a co-worker won’t return her trailer, and she wants to report it as stolen.
After a red Volkswagen was reportedly driven recklessly on Highway 7, the owner was located at a convenience store near the West Gate.
After stopping a 2003 Dodge pickup for failing to stop at the stop sign at Callella Road and DeSoto Boulevard, Hunter Smithee, 26, Diamond Hill Drive, Alexander, was picked up on a Saline County warrant for third-degree domestic battery. He was taken to Saline County jail.