A boil water order was issued for all of Mansfield on Tuesday morning, according to Mansfield Mayor Larry Austin.

Austin said the Arkansas Department of Health told him to issue the order after the city's in-town water tower sustained wind damage Monday night.

"We don't know if it was a tornado, gustnado, something like that," Austin said. "It may have been a straight wind, we don't know, but it ripped part of that top off the very top of that 94 foot tower, and it didn't take it completely off, but it broke it loose. ..."

Austin said this exposed the water in the tower to the open air, which led to the boil water order being issued. He estimated it will cost several thousand dollars to fix the damage, although the city has insurance.

It is currently hard to tell how long the boil water order will last, Austin said. He believes the city will know once it gets a plan for repair. Repairs will start as soon as possible.