For over four decades, Newport is called home by the Watson family. Tim Watson, Sr. has practiced law in Jackson County for as long as most Newport residents can remember. A new generation is stepping up and Tim Watson, Sr. was happy to sell the firm in 2017, especially since the buyers were his son’s, Timothy and Todd. The Watson brothers are making a name for themselves in northern and central Arkansas as attorneys with the same passion for the law as their father. The younger Watson attorney’s bought the name, building and clientele from their father. Tim Watson, Sr. maintains his extensive client list, but now serves an additional role as “of counsel.” Although selling the firm to his sons, the patriarch has no intention of slowing down. If anything, his practice and schedule has grown since his son’s move back to Newport to pursue their own law careers. Currently, Tim is serving a one year term as an Arkansas Circuit Judge, placing his sons at the helm of the practice. The firm was renamed the Law Offices of Watson and Watson and currently has additional offices in Little Rock and Fayetteville to better serve northern and central Arkansas. The goal is the home base in Newport and expand the other offices, and potentially add another in Memphis, Tennessee.

            Timothy Watson, the older of the brothers, has practiced law for seven years. During the time his father serves as circuit judge, Timothy will cover his caseload, as well as his fathers. The firm hired another attorney recently for the expanding client base, as well as a legal assistant Chelsey Ball. “Coming out of law school, smaller firms like ours allow for more freedom, as well as more time in the courtroom,” states Watson. There is a demand for attorneys in rural Arkansas and the fact that the Watson’s were raised in Newport is an asset and rarity.

            Todd Watson began his law career in Arkadelphia practicing personal injury law. “Tim deserves most of the credit for the firm’s growth. I took a job in Arkadelphia while Tim got a kidney transplant. After, Tim developed a marketing scheme which allowed me to come back home. Tim helped get the clientele,” states Todd.  Todd made the decision to join the Army National Guard last year. His brother was slightly shocked, but amazed at how well Todd took to it. As a commissioned officer, Lieutenant, Todd serves part time as a Judge Advocate.  Although Todd did not join to be a JAG officer, the path of his service led him to Virginia and into the role. “There is a likelihood that I will deploy as some point and be active, but now I serve part time once a month and two weeks during the summer. My hope is that it helps me become a better lawyer,” states Todd. Todd would evidently like to open an office in Memphis. Todd is licensed in Tennessee and has a few clients there, but for now, Todd has a full plate strengthening the firm in Arkansas and serving in the National Guard.

            Both Watson’s are young bachelors with a drive for success and the vision for growth. As for now, Timothy is actively running the Newport practice and striving to grow Little Rock and Fayetteville. Todd will complete his time in Virginia in the next few months and will return home to partner with Timothy. Timothy loves all aspects of law, including criminal defense, family law, as well as civil litigation. “Being a trail attorney is only one part of a law practice. In a small practice, all of it is required, which makes our practice appealing to new attorneys.” Timothy has the ability to practice law anywhere in the nation. After a kidney transplant, Timothy decided to take the California Bar Exam, due to the possibly of needing to go to California for treatment. The need never arose, but he works for a law school friend occasionally with no desire to live in Los Angeles. “We have such an established business here,” states Tim. Northeast Arkansas is underserved.

            In conclusion, Newport is blessed to have the Law Office of Watson and Watson based here, home. Tim Watson, Sr. has served our community and Arkansas for decades and his honor, integrity, and reliability now merges with a new generation, Timothy and Todd.