This is a $9,619,350.00 Budget that encompasses all aspects of the County ranging from Libraries, Rural Fire Departments, Landfill Services, Roads and Law Enforcement, and still this budget is able to provide a 2% across the board raise for all county employees”  stated Treasurer Cason.  The Finance committee worked very hard and met several times with County Elected Officials hoping to forge a budget that provides the services the citizens of the County need as well as hopefully create a surplus at the end of 2018 that can be added to the county’s reserve fund.  The County over the years has had good leaders that have sought after maintaining a strong reserve and we hope this budget will further that by increasing the reserve to better match the time we are living in now.  Said Justice Young.  Young goes on to say, “ He wants to thank all the elected officials and especially County Clerk Clark and County Treasurer Cason along with the Finance Committee and the full Quorum Court for the diligent work that was done to create this budget.  Our goal in preparing it was to set a five year goal in assuring the Citizens  of the County that the financial position of Jackson County is Strong.  Judge Phillips said “The County is doing well and has good promise of bright days ahead and he is glad to be signing this budget