“No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.” Calvin Coolidge

When one looks around the city of Newport and surrounding communities in Jackson County, there can be no doubt that there are people in various capacities, all races and religions, all social and economic statuses that are giving of themselves to care for others and the community itself. Jackson County is known for its care for people and generosity to the stranger. We work, learn and play together, and make a great team in time of need to help those affected by tragedy.
The time has come for the Newport Independent to choose two out of the multitude who exemplify the type of caring spirit that we look to for inspiration, encouragement and strength. Each year we’re watching for the next to receive the recognition for their work. We’re observing those who have made giant strides in their fields of expertise and grateful for those who are willing to give their best for a neighbor in need. We take mental notes of the stories we cover and the things we miss because no recognition was received. We listen to people who share their experiences and thank someone in the process. We flip through pictures and smile at memories of moments made. And we search for the ones deserving of a little extra credit where due.
The editorial staff of the Newport Independent is pleased to announce that the 2018 Man of the Year is Phillip Brown and Woman of the Year is Bridget Hendrix.
“It was an easy pick and a unanimous decision this year as we have watched both of them blossom in their individual fields and work selflessly for the community, caring for our children, elderly, and families in crisis,” Editor Gina Slagley said Monday about the selection. “Throughout the year we have covered the work of Phillip in the development of the children’s summer camp, expansion of IMAD Village, and various projects he’s worked on. We’ve seen him in action both in the public eye and behind the scene. The same has happened with Bridget as she’s led her team to dream bigger for the battered women, the mentally handicapped, and finally, and much needed, the homeless. Her work on the renovation of the old Jackson County Detention Center is nothing less than a miracle, as we’ve reported on the numerous physical issues with the jail in the past. We’re inspired by her determination and tenacity to make the impossible possible. We couldn’t be more proud, as a staff, to recognize both for their hard work.”
In the coming weeks, the Independent will have the privilege of sharing with its readers the background and life stories for our annual edition of Man and Woman of the Year. Local citizens and advertisers will have the opportunity to honor them for their jobs well done. Please join us in congratulating Phillip Brown and Bridget Hendrix for the honor that has been bestowed on them and continue to support them as they help move Newport and Jackson County forward.