Saturday, April 26th was the day of the semi-annual Arkansas Drug Tack-Back. The program originated in 2010 and is held twice a year in order to collect unused or expired prescription drugs to be disposed of safely and properly, keeping the community and environment safe.

            Newport High School HOSA students volunteered their time on Saturday to show support for the program. Led by Mrs. Kathryn Hopkins, the students aided Eric Shoffner, owner of iCare Rx Pharmacy and the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department. Shoffner and the JCSD have been involved since the beginning of the program in Jackson County.

            According to the website, 42 percent of teens who have misused or abused a prescription obtained it from their parent’s medicine cabinet. This misuse of prescription drugs prompted the origination of the program. It is important to dispose of prescription drugs in a way that is safe and protects the environment.

            Pictured are HOSA students (Front) Teonia Earl, Brianna Pollard, Magan Underwood, Harriet Clark, Christina Murphy, and Faith Davis, (Back) Sheriff David Lucas, Deputy Matt Green, and Eric Shoffner.