The Newport Elementary Gifted and Talented 5th and 6th graders attended Space Camp last week. 34 students and 16 adults travelled to Huntsville, Alabama to attend the camp.

            Huntsville is currently home to the second largest Research Park in America. The story of Space Camp at Huntsville began when Dr. Wernher von Braun and his rocket team first came to the United States in 1945 under military contract to create ballistic rockets. Although the research began in Texas, the Redstone facilities in Huntsville was deemed a better location and proposed a guided missile center. On March 21, 1950, the von Braun rocket team moved to Huntsville and joined a group of U.S. rocketry specialists. Together, they would go on to create some of the world’s first rockets and satellites to orbit the Earth, and ultimately, the Saturn V rocket that sent the American Apollo astronauts to the moon, achieving the ultimate goal of preeminence in space, according to the website.

            Space Camp challenges trainees to transcend from “What if?” to “Can do!”

Launched in 1982, Space Camp has inspired and motivated young people from around the country, and later the world, with attendees from all 50 states, U.S. territories and more than 60 foreign countries. Trainees cultivate teamwork, leadership and decision-making skills through simulated missions while gaining personal and professional insights that profoundly impact their futures.