Henry Boyce, Third Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney, announced

today Franklin J. Junior, 35, an inmate incarcerated in the Arkansas Department

of Correction, pled guilty to Murder in the Second Degree. Junior was sentenced

to an additional 20 years in the Arkansas Department of Correction. Junior’s

plea came moments before a jury was to be seated in the Jackson County

courtroom to begin his trial for the murder of inmate Joe Kory Harter. Harter was

stabbed by Junior at the ADC Grimes unit on June 15, 2015 with a homemade

weapon in what was suspected to be gang warfare. Harter subsequently died

from his injuries and Junior was charged with the murder.

Junior is a Habitual Offender and has been incarcerated several times

since 2000. His current incarceration began on October 1, 2012. Junior was

serving sentences from Drew County for Battery in the First Degree and

Possession of a Firearm by Certain Persons.

Boyce said, “I hope this case sends a message to the prison population in

Arkansas that the laws of this state apply to prison inmates just as it does to the

general public.”

ADC Director Wendy Kelley said, “We take these incidents seriously and

advocated for the prosecution of Inmate Junior. We are appreciative of the

support we received from the Arkansas State Police and Prosecuting Attorney

Henry Boyce’s office. Their hard work, both during the investigative phase and in

preparation for trial led to a successful prosecution, an essential tool in

combating incidents of violence within our facilities. We will continue to work with

our local partners in seeking the harshest possible penalties for those who

engage in criminal activity within our facilities.”