The Newport High School HOSA program for future health professionals held their 2nd Annual Banquet on Tuesday, May 1st in the high school cafeteria. Emma Jackson, the state president and the local chapter president welcomed the students, parents, and faculty. Immediately following the welcome, the Parliamentary Procedure team performed. This team is ranked second in the nation.

            The following students competed in the HOSA State Competitions and received awards and recognition: Christopher Avalos, Nathan May, Brett Bennett, Emma Jackson, Jessica Allen, Teonia Earl, Kelsey Carraway, Kianna Fite, Christina Murphy, Brianna Pollard, Adrienne Ross, Madalyn Smith, Haili Lemons, Savanah Scudamore, Anna Jackson, Maryam Alhamdani, Sequoyah King, and Kayla Fite.

Savanah Scudamore received the “Enthusiastic Helper Award”; Kayla Fite and Nathan May both received the “Outstanding Medical Student” award; Christina Murphy received the “Outstanding First Year Member”; Colby McCoy received the “Survivor Award”; Brianna Pollard received the Red Cross Scholarship; Emma Jackson received the “Heart of HOSA Award”; and Brett Bennett received the “HOSA Member of the Year” award.

            Newport High School also had six CNA students this year sitting for their CNA certification: Colby McCoy, Lindsey Birdsong, Adrienne Ross, Emma Jackson, Brianna Pollard, and Maryam Alhamdani.

            Emma Jackson gave her heartfelt retiring address followed by the induction of the 2018-19 NHS HOSA Officers. The new officers are Brett Bennett, President; Nathan May, Vice-President; Savanah Scudamore, Secretary; Kayla Fite, Treasurer; and Christopher Avalos, Historian.  Two of these officers are the next state officers: Brett Bennett as President of Arkansas HOSA and Nathan May as Vice-President of Arkansas HOSA.