The Northeast Arkansas Higher Education Charitable Foundation is responsible for administering educational scholarships to help area educators and healthcare workers further their education. The foundation has existed for over 25 years with numerous success stories of providing needed funding through scholarships to Jackson County recipients. Approximately two and a half years ago, the Foundation received funding for a new scholarship focused primarily on helping students in the fields of Education and Healthcare. 

The Foundation scholarship is available for graduates of high schools within Jackson County desiring to further their degrees in education or healthcare related fields. For example, a potential recipient is a teacher wanting a Master’s of Science in Education or an Administration Graduate Certificate.  Medical profession examples include a Licensed Practical Nurse wanting to pursue a Registered Nurse degree or perhaps a medical worker wanting to pursue Radiology, Anesthesiology, or other medical degrees. 

Over the past two years, the Foundation has awarded scholarships to several teachers pursuing higher degrees/certificates and to LPNs wanting to be Registered Nurses. The Foundation accomplished the goal of graduation for two of the first scholarship recipients. Looking back to 2016, two local teachers, both Newport High School graduates, decided to further their education and return to graduate school. One of the graduates, Carol Clark, is a fifth grade teacher at Newport Elementary School. “I am very grateful for the scholarship that I received from the Northeast Arkansas Higher Education Charitable Foundation. They made it possible for me to pursue and obtain a MSE in Reading from Arkansas State University. I could not have accomplished this degree without the scholarship. I have a daughter who was in high school in 2016, and now college, so being able to receive help was greatly appreciated,” states Clark. “This a great opportunity for anyone who is a Jackson County alumni. I would encourage anyone seeking to further their education in education or medical fields to take advantage of this opportunity. I am so thankful to call Newport my home.” Both graduated this summer with a Master’s of Science in Education. According to Cindy Gowen, the Executive Director of the Foundation, “We are so happy the Foundation was able to provide scholarships for every semester of their graduate school. ”  

If anyone is interested in this scholarship opportunity, the application deadline for the Fall 2018 semester has been extended to August 1st.  The deadline for the Spring 2019 semester is December 15th, and the Summer 2019 deadline is May 15th.  For more information or questions, contact 870-217-1690.