Former Mayor Wayne Beard is announcing his candidacy for Mayor of Newport.

Wayne Beard was Mayor of Newport from 1981to 1995.  He listed his accomplishments during those years as follows:

1.  City Sales Tax 1% approved by voters

2.  An annual street overlay and drainage improvement program.  (This program was not continued after I left office.)

3.  Initiated negotiations for the State Prison.

4.  Pursued and got Medallion to relocate to Newport.  (New Owner:  Shearer Foods)

5.  Initiated a meeting to locate Bridger Coach (now Taylor-Made Ambulance).

6.  1990-1991 applied for and approved a Bond issue for the Central Fire Station and lowered our Fire Insurance Rating to a Class 3, which lowered homeowners insurance cost.

7.  1990-1991 Bond Issue for present Municipal Building

8.  Initiated the installation o the 911 System for Newport and Jackson County.

9.  Built a new Fire Station (and terminal)  at Newport Airbase.

10. New Wastewater Treatment at Newport Airbase (Bio-Lac Plant)

11.  New Wastewater Treatment Plant

12.  Applied for and received a $250,000 grant to renovate homes for low income citizens of Newport.  (This program was cancelled after I left office.)

13.  On leaving office of Mayor, left the City with surplus funds.

He stated that if re-elected, he will see that the City finances and programs such as the street and drainage programs are re-instated.

Wayne is a retired army officer (Helicopter Pilot & Instructor)