Newport Give Back 2018 Glowskin teens. was held on September 1, 2018 at 1318 Dill St. Newport, AR.

Hosted by Street Ministries, Sponsored by Kathye Ross.

Charlotte Wilson CEO of Glowskin Enhancement a native of Newport, dedicated herself to come home and give back to our community with facial treatments for everyone in attendance and Glowskin products. there was free food, lots of fun and games for an attendance of 45-50 people. Charlotte shared her story of growing up and how she became successful. Charlotte has a big heart with a gift to bless the world and one of the most unselfish persons I've met. She surprised us with a special renowned guest Alexis - Miss Arkansas.

Mrs.  Arkansas also a native of Newport shared her struggles of growing up; such as being bullied and adopted. Alexis went on to talk about how she overcame the obstacles in her life and became Mrs. Arkansas.

We are looking forward to these two ladies coming back to their hometown to give back and share more of their stories.

Volunteers: Street Ministries, Linda Green, Jerry White, Kayesa Morgan, Shawn Morgan, Eric Ross and Rico Dawson.