Lezlie Renee Johnson announces her candidacy for Jackson County Tax Accessor. Lezlie is a resident of Bradford and has actively participated in the election polls for the past two elections. Lezlie is a 2014 graduate of Arkansas State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in History. Currently, Lezlie holds the position as Assistant Manager for Murphy’s Express in Newport. “I would like to take my knowledge and management experience and serve the people of Jackson County.”

            Lezlie is 29 years old and has been married to Stephen Johnson of Tuckerman for nine years.  As a military oriented family, it is no surprise that Lezlie would married Stephen. “He had already enlisted when we began dating and thought it would be a problem,” laughs Lezlie. Stephen was a 25B Information Management Officer under the United States Army with the 3rd ID Infantry Division in Ft. Stewart, Georgia responsible for communications running between home base in the States and the command center that was built in Iraq.

            She was raised on a small family farm, started by her great grandfather in the late 1800s. After arriving from Tennessee, he bought a parcel of land and built the current house Lezlie and her family occupy. Her grandfather, William Frank Sanford, served as Justice of the Peace in Jackson County for many years, as well as served this country proudly in the Army during World War 2. He was an honoree member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the America Legion in Arkansas.  My grandfather’s wife Violet Corine (Bennett) Sanford was also an honoree member of the America Legion and served on the Arkansas Voting Poll Workers Committee.

Lezlie is a firm believer in “Make America Great Again.” She was raised to be respectful and cherish freedom which is protected by the sacrifices of the country’s military. “I was raised a faithful Christian, taught to value home, and attend Friendship Missionary Baptist in Jackson County. I believe in the constitutional rights of Americans. As a Republican, I uphold that a baby, once conceived, is a human being. I uphold the second amendment, the right to bear arms, and am fulfill that duty by having a concealed carrying licenses since 2011. I will never lie, cheat, or destroy this country. I love the United States and want future generations to love it as well. I have the experience and knowledge from working in management and with the public to successfully do the job as Assessor.  My attitude and patience while working with others enables me to be a good leader for this county.”

Remembering the words of her grandfather, “Always remember to keep smiling and laughing, even during the darkest moments. Life will be better, because those things make others feel better as well.”