Diann Ballard is announcing her Re-Election bid for Jackson County Assessor. Ballard has twenty plus years experience in the Assessor’s office of which 4 of those have been serving this great County as Assessor.

Ballard is a Level 4 Appraiser after completing all required courses through IAAO, those include over 400 hours of classroom and training sessions. Ballard is a Member of both the Arkansas chapter and the International Chapter of the International Association of Assessing Officers. Ballard is a Member of the Democratic Women and the Democratic Central Committee.

Ballard states, “Today’s Assessment field is ever changing and demanding. County Assessors are continually facing a constant battle to keep up with new laws, technologies and industry standards. The Jackson County Assessor’s office must serve each taxpayer on a daily basis, maintain current ownership records, current legal descriptions, GIS mapping, plats and surveys as well as current homestead exemption and Arkansas Amendment 79 codes, 13,703 real estate parcels as well as  pproximately

7,200 personal property records and 800 plus business assessments each year. Jackson County is under a state mandated 5 year reappraisal cycle, we will finish our cycle in 2019 at that time some 13,000 reappraisal notices will be sent, there will be no time for a learning curve. If not executed correctly Jackson County could fall below ratio in audit conducted by the Assessment Coordination Department each year resulting in the withholding of state turn back funds.”

Ballard asks for your continued support, when it is time to cast your vote for your local Assessor, please remember the experience, friendliness and professionalism she will keep in the office.