The purpose of the government is to protect the Life, Liberty & Property of its citizens! The only other legitimate functions of government are limited to things we cannot do as individuals, e.g. building/maintaining roads and prisons, etc. Our government, on all levels, has strayed from its constitutionally limited duties. Imagine how much lower taxes would be if we had to pay only for constitutionally authorized expenses.

I pledge to the people of Jackson County, I will not vote for any spending or ordinances that are clearly unconstitutional. I will strive to limit the size of county government, while ensuring our district is treated fairly.

When elected I will fight to protect our absolute right to "keep and bear arms". We all know the 2nd Amendment was not addressing hunting  rights. It's there to protect all of our other rights! I want Jackson County to be known for its support of the 2nd Amendment and Act 746. Act 746 is the 2013 Arkansas law that once again recognized, a law abiding citizens right to open or conceal carry a gun without a permit.

One of the other issues that I am passionate about is economic development in Jackson County. I believe that people as well as businesses go where they are welcome. Two things government can do to welcome businesses is to lower their taxes and reduce regulations. My belief is the government should stay out of their way, and let the free market dictate what is best for businesses. If we attract more businesses to pay these now lower taxes, total revenues will go up in the long run. Which in turn will allow us to reduce other taxes, thus making the county even more attractive to people and businesses. I have a degree in Business Administration with a major in Marketing. I plan to volunteer my time to market our county as a great place for businesses to call home.

I tell people everyday, “I'm not running against the incumbent, I am running for the position that he has held for the last 12 years.” I only seek the opportunity to implement my ideas of lower taxes, limited government and individual responsibility. America once was the most prosperous country on earth, because of these three fundamentals.

We can no longer sit around waiting on the morally and fiscally bankrupt federal government to offer help for Jackson County. It has been said, “If you want something done right, then do it yourself.” Friends and neighbors, the time has come for us to take care of our own problems.

If you support where I stand on these issues, then I need you tell all your friends in District 6 (All of Jackson Co. West of the White river) to vote for me a true constitutional conservative. Because returning to the ways of God and our constitutionally limited government, is America's only hope!