Tuesday, November 6th was Election Day 2018. Since the emergence of early voting, the first reports of the evening make a huge statement. In Jackson County, 2,316 voters decided to vote early and 42 by Absentee Ballot. 1,854 waited until Election Day which totaled 4,212 Jackson County Voters.

            The Republican swept the Arkansas state level offices and also carried Jackson County, except for the State Rep District 47.

US Congress – Rick Crawford (Republican), Jackson County by 72%

Governor – Asa Hutchinson (Republican), Jackson County by 72%

Lieutenant Governor – Tim Griffin (Republican), Jackson County by 69%

Attorney General – Leslie Rutledge (Republican), Jackson County by 69%

Secretary of State – John Thurston (Republican), Jackson County by 64%

State Treasurer – Dennis Milligan (Republican), Jackson County by 76%

Auditor of State – Andrea Lea (Republican), Jackson County by 76%

Commissioner of Lands – Tommy Land (Republican), Jackson County by 62%

State Representative District 47– Craig Christiansen (Rep), did not carry Jackson County 49%

            Non-Partisan races showed Jackson County’s overwhelming support of State Supreme Court Justice – Courtney Goodson, carried Jackson County by 61%, Issue No. 2 Voter Identification – Passed, carried in Jackson County by 85%, Issue No. 4 Gaming – Passed, carried in Jackson County by 59%, and Issue No. 5 Minimum Wage Increase – Passed, carried in Jackson County by 72%.

            On the county and local level, the results include:

Jackson County Sheriff – David Lucas (Democrat) 53%

Jackson County Circuit Clerk – Barbara Hackney (Republican) 53%

Jackson County Assessor – Diann Ballard (Democrat) 67%

Justice of the Peace District 6 – Wayne Long (Republican) 73%

Justice of the Peace District 7 – Jerry Mann (Democrat) 70%

Cowlake Township Constable – Dale Gardner (Independent) 62%

Bird Township Constable – Justin Staggs (Republican) 65%

Glass Township Constable – Dylan Thatcher (Independent) 63%

Union Township Constable – Edna Earle Cooper (Democrat) 50.4%

Tuckerman Mayor – Rick Womack (Independent) 54%

Tuckerman Alderman W1P1– Benny Malone (Republican) 53%

Tuckerman Alderman W3P1– Kaye Person (Independent) 51%

Tuckerman Alderman W3P2– Jessica Johnson (Republican) 56%

Newport Mayor – David Stewart (Independent) 58%

Beedeville Mayor – David Burnette (Independent) 52%

Beedeville Alderman P1– Jeanettie Driver (Independent) 52%

Beedeville Alderman P2– Shayna Schorg (Independent) 59%
Beedeville Alderman P3 - Jimmy Little (Independent) 54%
Beedeville Alderman P4- Jenina Schorg (Independent) 64%

Campbell Station Mayor- John Reed ( Independent) 100%
Diaz Mayor- Jimmy Simpson ( Independent) 68%
Diaz Alderman W1P2 - Rickey Clark (Independent) 68%
Grubbs Mayor -Jackie Ivy (Independent) 100%
Swifton Mayor- Craig Crider (Independent) 100%
Swifton Alderman P1- Steven Owens (Democrat) 72%
Swifton Alderman P5- Maston Kinder (Democrat) 62%
Jacksonport Mayor- Marcus Dodson (Independent) 100%
Jacksonport Alderman P3- Joyce Guffey (Independent) 54%