The Newport Special School District held a special meeting on Tuesday, November 27th at 5 pm. The only item on the agenda was to accept the resignation of Superintendent Dr. Larry Bennett. Dr. Bennett is retiring and will leave the Newport Special School District on December 21st. When asked about his reason for retiring, Bennett said, “I have done some great things during my time at Newport, but I am a grandfather now. I want to move back to Texas and be a Grandpa. I have always told the people who worked for me that family comes first. It is time for Mary and I to do that.” Mary Bennett is the only Master Math teacher on staff at Newport High School. For students to receive concurrent credit (college credit as well as high school credits), this could be a problem next semester for NHS students wanting those credits toward college.

            During Dr. Bennett’s time as Superintendent, the school facilities have made remarkable improvements. These include the renovation of the auditorium, the renovation of the Technical Science Building, especially the Consumer Science kitchen, and new sidewalks. The Fieldhouse has a new lobby with a modern concession stand, as well as stadium seating and air conditioning. Greyhound Field received turf, new goal posts, home stands, concession, and restrooms. There are many more improvements not visible to the eye.

            The board accepted the resignation of Dr. Larry in open season without discussion and the meeting was adjourned.