The 65th annual Jackson County Spelling Bee was held Wednesday, January 23rd, at 9:30 a.m. in the Edwin Shaver Auditorium on the Tuckerman school campus.  Contestants in grades two through eight from the Newport School District and the Jackson County School District competed in the oral spelling bee.

The county champion received a first prize of $100.00, a spelling medal, a trophy for the school, and $50.00 for expenses to the 2019 Arkansas State Spelling Bee.  The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette sponsors the Arkansas State Spelling Bee and the state winner will compete in the National Spelling Bee held this summer in Washington, D.C.

The second place winner received $50.00, while third place was awarded $25.00.  The top speller in grades two through four received $15.00.  Each contestant received a $2.00 bill, a participant’s ribbon, and lunch at Cici’s Pizza.

Participants from each district were:

Jackson County School District:

2nd grade—Emily Sedergren, age 8, daughter of Nicky and Tristen Gates
                   Lauren Little, age 7, daughter of James and Hailey Little

3rd grade—Maddyx Soden, age 9, daughter of Chad and Michelene Soden

                  Carson Furst, age 8, son of Steve and Misty Furst

4th grade—Bronx Holland, age 10, son of Michael and Angelia Holland
                  Rhett Watson, age 10, son of Nate and Elizabeth Watson

5th grade—Carissa Furst, age 11, daughter of Steve and Misty Furst
                  Dora Cook, age 11, daughter of Lee and Joy Cook

6th grade—Autumn Blevins, age 12, daughter of Dewayne Blevins and Lora Blevins 

                  Alexxia Toddy, age 12, daughter of Willie Toddy and Corey & Ashley Williams                  

7th grade—Braden Hardin, age 12, son of Brandon Hardin and Nini Wilson
                  Trenton Nelson, age 12, son of Christopher and Valerie Nelson

8th grade—Annie Watson, age 14, daughter of Nate and Elizabeth Watson

                  Macie Shirley, age 14, daughter of Chris and Melissa Shirley

Newport School District:

2nd grade—Austin Richardson, age 8, daughter of Michael and Cassandra Richardson

3rd grade – Jacavion Harris, age 8. Son of Erica Watson and Jessie Harris

                  Skye Friar, age 8 daughter of David and Joanne Friar

4th grade—Sasha Ross, age 9, daughter of Denetra Ross and Joe Brandon

                  Jacey McIntosh, age 10, daughter of Erica McIntosh

5th grade—Hunter Scoggins, age 10, son of Will and Jessica Scoggins

                  Fernando Fuentes, age 10, son of Manuel and Dolores Fuentes

6th grade—Sam Doyle, age 11, son of Justin and Megan Doyle

                  Tyler Ridley, age 11, son of Tim and Amber Ridley

7th grade—Reece Kieffner, age 13, son of Brad and Melissa Kieffner

                  Anakin Mongold, age 12, grandson of Willie Foust and nephew of Jessica Foust

The County coordinator and pronouncer for the event was Sandra Brock.  The school coordinators were Ami Driver—Newport and Tanya Wood—Tuckerman/Swifton.  Judges were Margarett Gatlin, Tanya Wood, and Ami Driver.