March 11, 2019

To the Grubbs Community

            There is a community in Jackson County called Grubbs. It is not just the Town of Grubbs, Arkansas but the surrounding areas. If you have never experienced the spirit of all these people, then you need to come to town when the water comes up or any special event is held at the old Grubbs High School building. I cannot express in words how grateful I am for all the work. From sandbagging and the work put in for the Grubbs Fire Department fundraiser cooking, serving, and the auction. Also, all the people that turn out in all kinds of weather to show their support.

            There are several special people, too many to begin to name, but they know who they are because I say “Thanks” to them all. I, myself, stand in awe of the things that happen. All I can say is I love you and God bless everyone for all you do.

Sincerely appreciated,

Mayor Jackie Ivy