The Newport High School Advanced Placement teachers will participate in the AP Training and Incentive Program through the Arkansas Advanced Initiative for Math and Science (AAIMS). Arkansas AIMS schools account for the dramatic increase in the number of students taking AP math ,science, and English classes, as well as significant increase in qualifying scores on the AP exams. The goal of the program is to address the declining number of students who are prepared for and take rigorous college courses in mathematics and science, as well as to increase the number of students taking and scoring 3 or higher on the AP exams.  

            The teachers will learn to implement proven strategies to increase significantly the number of students taking and passing AP courses and exams. 

The strategies include extensive formal and informal training of teachers and additional time on task for students. Over a five year period, the schools participating in AAIMS show an increase in the number of students scoring 3 or higher on AP English exam (tripled), AP mathematics exam (quadrupled), and AP science exam (quintupled). 

            AP Teachers are the key to the success. The leaders continuously strive to improve their teaching and expand their programs. The goal is for Pre-AP teachers to build a pipeline of students prepared for the rigors of AP, establish goals for academic performance, emphasize the importance of every student taking the AP exam, and encourage all students to attend special events. School administration is expected to provide necessary facilities, equipment, scheduling consideration, logistical assistance, and coordination of student advisement to help ensure the success of the program.

            Additional goals of AAIMS include increase enrollments, including the traditionally undeserved students in AP courses, increase the numbers of AP test scores of 3, 4, and 5, provide sustained professional development and targeted graduate level teacher preparation for Pre-AP and AP teachers, build a cadre of AP teacher-leader content specialists in mathematics, science and English statewide, and institutionalize the AR AIMS organization at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

            Thanks to the financial support of the Newport Economic Development Commission, Newport High AP teachers are able to benefit from the Arkansas AIMS Services. These include Master Content Consultants, services with supporting AR AIMS materials, Google Site access, online training for teachers and students, and NMSI resources. Additional available services include expert teacher assistance including specific on-site consultations, mentoring, modeling throughout the year and as needed, as needed communication via phone, text, email, webinars, AR AIMS resources, Content Google Sites, online exam preparation for students, specific additional professional development and additional days of specific and unique-for-the-school professional development for staff.

            Newport School District has a history of academic excellence and it excited to participate in this program for the future of their students. Pictured are (front) Mike Steele, Grover Welch, Dale Teague, Principal Terri Kane, Asst. Principal Jon Bradley, (back) Samantha Aikens, Candice Long, Donna Morehart, Jessica Stone, Kristine Rounds, and Loretta Turner.