Have you thanked a volunteer lately? They’re everywhere!!!
I watched for a few minutes at the art show last weekend as people scurried around the buildings, offering stickers, pointing the way, and helping set up. I knew they weren’t paid, so why were they there? They volunteered.
We have volunteers at the hospital who make it their personal responsibility to take care of the families of the sick. When my daughter was in the hospital a couple of weeks ago, one of the first things I heard was, “Can I get you some coffee, Melissa?” When I thanked her, she said, “hey, that’s why I’m here.”
We have volunteer firefighters who carry their radio around 24/7 just waiting to throw on some turnouts for no pay. Their purpose is to save homes, farms, vehicles, or a cat in a tree. We have volunteer deputies who, for no pay, come out to help patrol, perform water rescue or help around the office. There are volunteers all over the community in churches, organizations, civic groups, or just citizens wanting to do good.
By definition a volunteer gives of their time to fulfill a need or perform a task. So how much would it cost you to say, “thanks”? I work with volunteers (or those voluntold) all the time and know the good it does the heart to offer sincere appreciation. As a new month begins, I challenge you to find a volunteer or twenty and show your appreciation. You could be what keeps moving them that day.
Melissa serves the Newport Independent as a string writer, and was a former staff reporter for four years. She wears many hats and enjoys time with her family and community. She can be contacted at lore72112@hotmail.com or on Facebook as Melissa Lore.