Time changes this week. Can you believe it is already here? Moving the clock forward feels so symbolic right now, as our world seems to be on fast-forward around us. Economic advancement, civil rights issues and medical developments; it feels like our world is spinning faster than ever before. It is already March! Sometimes I just want to jump off the globe.

While things around us are moving quickly, life is still marching at its own pace, slow and steady, day-by-day. All of us are afforded the same opportunity to use the seconds, minutes, hours and days to make a difference, achieve goals, dream and accomplish those dreams. We just have to be willing to take the chances required to make the possibilities become realities.

There are friends and family around us discovering new opportunities to make a difference right now. Candidates are signing up for elections, new jobs are being sought and people who want to make a difference are changing communities. Faces we have never seen before are rising up to take positions of authority and transitions are happening behind closed doors as people prepare to move on.

I am the least in favor of change; I like the same ol’ same ol’, but I too am embarking on new changes. My life seems to be a whirlwind of change for the last couple of years. As I prepare for the differences, I look at those around. Who’s supporting? Who’s indifferent? Who’s willing to help? Who’s going to be a discouragement? How will I adjust? How will I get ready? What will happen to my schedule?

If you’re just getting ready to sleep in an extra hour next Sunday or if you’re already advancing toward new goals, stop and take inventory of your life. Who do you have to depend on? Who’s going to be cheering you on? Who’s going to run the laps with you when you’re exhausted? Who’s going to be at the polls voting for you? Who’s going to listen to your arguments? Who’s going to challenge you to dream harder? Who’s going to make sure that you succeed?

Life is going by fast, but now’s the time to stop and assess: are you ready for the next turn of the globe?

Melissa serves the Newport Independent as a string writer, and was a former staff reporter for four years. She wears many hats and enjoys time with her family and community. She can be contacted at lore72112@hotmail.com or on Facebook as Melissa Lore.