Change happens. Look around you. Look in the mirror. If you’re young, you’ll notice you’re not sporting the baby look anymore. If you’re older, perhaps you’re reflecting on the innocence of youth…or just wondering when you got that last wrinkle or gray hair.

If you look deeper, you’ll remember things. Like when you learned to ride a bike, pump gas, balance a checkbook, that bosses mean what they say, or that life isn’t always ice cream and soda. I’m learning something new every single day. Life in a new job is always a learning experience. Meeting new people is always a fun learning time (if you know me, you know that faces and names don’t always stick together). Making new habits isn’t always fun, but the change eventually grows on you and you get used to it unless you break it (ahem, my gym life).

Why don’t we like change?
From the time I was young, but old enough to actually pay attention to something besides myself, I’ve heard that the seven deadly words to a church, but I can apply to anything are “We’ve never done it that way before.” When pastors or leaders in churches I’ve been associated with before would reach out to the audience with an idea or an attempt to do something new, they would throw this out in an effort to stifle the ridicule before the proposal was even given. When you think about life, and new adventures, that phrase can hit you hard. What about a new way to cook meatloaf? A new route to your favorite vacation? If it hasn’t been done before does that mean it’s a bad thing? No. It’s just different.

But change isn’t toxic. It’s not going to kill. It will probably teach. It will definitely cause growth. It attracts attention. It’s going to reveal a lot, specifically who is legit for you and who is just there to watch you rise or fall.

As the season, sigh, hopefully changes soon into a nice spring and we change our décor to Easter this weekend and then flowers bloom and we change our wardrobe to the spring and summer line, I hope that you can find room for deeper change. Pick up a new hobby. Find a new friend. Find a job you’ll actually enjoy. Read a book. Just because it’s not been done in the past doesn’t mean it’s impossible or a bad thing.

Open up to new experiences and enjoy the differences.


Melissa serves the Newport Independent as a string writer, and was a former staff reporter for four years. She wears many hats and enjoys time with her family and community. She can be contacted at or on Facebook as Melissa Lore.