It’s spring time and life is springing up all around, despite this week’s brisk reminder that it’s only April. My flowers have already bloomed and a couple of coworkers and friends are having babies this week. Isn’t it exciting to have the freshness of a new season?

It can also be scary. I’m embarking on a new adventure in a position at work. Mothers are bringing home new babies. Widows and widowers are learning to live without their spouses. Children are learning to live on their own as they grow up.

As seasons change, and we change, the challenge becomes to recognize what else is changing. Perhaps the people around us have also gone through changes. Perhaps our circumstances as they have always been appear differently. We have to be open and receptive to the idea that we are constantly being molded and shaped by experiences and the lives of people we allow in our circle and our mindset has to explore options and views and values through a different lens with each change.

When we accept that there are changes happening and when we look at things as we should, not being stubborn to look through the old lenses, we can see the value of life for what it is, a constant progression of knowledge, growth of love toward people around us, desire to seek out the things we enjoy and realization that seasons are temporary, but life is a long time.

Melissa serves the Newport Independent as a string writer, and was a former staff reporter for four years. She wears many hats and enjoys time with her family and community. She can be contacted at or on Facebook as Melissa Lore.