Dear Editor,

I opened the Newport Independent dated May 24, 2018 to find the following headline, "Newport Loses Max Students Another Year". This article is in reference to students transferring from the Newport School District to other school districts. At the May 15th meeting the Newport School Board approved the transfer of 33 students. The article states, "The number wanting to transfer out of the district was higher than the cap of 33 state-mandated cap allowed for transfer". I read this to mean the number of students being granted transfers would have been higher, if not for the state mandated cap. Since the headline used the words "Another Year", it seems apparent this is not the first year our school district has has the maximum number of students request to leave for another district. There are reasons parents are requesting transfers for their children. As citizens of Newport I know we are all concerned with the direction our school system is going. Freedom of Choice is here to stay and it is just as much of a chance for a school district to gain students as it is to lose students. As a community this is one of our most important issues and we all need to get involved in a positive open minded way and find a solution. Things can be better, if we all work together.

Mike Turner