The Newport 5th and 6th grade basketball teams wrapped up the 2018 season last week. This year was the first year for the teams to compete with other schools. Until this season, Newport remained new to the elementary basketball and needed time to establish a running program.

            The boy’s teams were coached by NHS Head Boys Basketball Coach Brandon Gates and Adam Kane. “We are very excited to start basketball for the 5th and 6th grade at Newport. This is all part of the future of Newport basketball and sets us in the right direction for the future,” states Gates. The 5th grade boys finished the season 6-3 with wins against White County Central, Judsonia, Rosebud, Bradford, Midland, and Pangburn. The three losses include Bald Knob, Southside, and Kensett. The 6th grade boys went 5-4 with wins against Bradford, Judsonia, Midland, WCC and Bald Knob. The team losses include Pangburn, Rose Bud, Kensett and Southside. “These are a great group of boys. We really enjoyed the team’s enthusiasm and hard work as we build for the future.”

            The girl’s teams were coached by NHS Head Girls Basketball Coach Victoria Atchley and Newport Elementary Teacher Sarah Hardin. “Although the 5th grade did not win a game, the group just needs a little more experience. I subbed five in and five out every three minutes throughout the game until the last quarter. They have potential and I am excited to keep working with them,” states Atchley. The  

6th grade girls went 3-5 for the season. With tons of natural talent, Mrs. Hardin worked with them on ball handling, which helped tremendously this season. The team had a few guards that handled the ball well. I am very excited about the 6th grade moving up to 7th grade.” 

            According to Coach Atchley, “The majority of the teams are school affiliated and part of the athletic programs. This is not the case in Newport. The other schools have a practice period during school and begin practice in August.  Newport begins in January, which puts us behind in experience and fundamentals. Our girls worked hard and have done well against those other teams. Lost a few games by only a few points.”