The Jackson County Youth Activities Association’s 2018 season is coming to a close! It was a great season with good weather, great participation and fun times! The tee ball teams sported new looks this season. The teams chose various names such as Scrappers, Flames, and Crush. The little ones played hard, learned much, and will be ready for the pitching machine division next year.

            The baseball and softball teams all wore the Newport logo on either orange, black or grey jerseys. This is customary due to the league which JCYAA plays in. The league competes against other towns including Tuckerman, Southside, Cedar Ridge, Midland, and Hillcrest. JCYAA was able to field at least two teams in most divisions and three teams in a couple.

            This is the final week of regular season and the teams begin the Ozark Tournament on Monday, June 25th. Softball will play as follows: 7-8 in Cave City, 9-10 in Newark, 11-12 in Newport, and 13-16 in Bradford. (Newport does not have a team in the 13-16 division). Baseball will play as follows: 7-8 at Tuckerman, 9-10 at Midland, 11-12 in Southside, and 13-16 at Hillcrest. The brackets have not been released yet, but will be posted to the Newport Independent Facebook page as soon as available.