Greyhound Football fans are familiar with the first featured player this week, Robert Cash Forrester. Quarterback # 16 Forrester has held that position since he began the sport in 4th grade. Cash returns for his third season at quarterback after passing for more than 1,100 yards and 14 touchdowns. When asked about his choice of number, Cash explains that his father, Bobby Jo, wore the number 16 as quarterback when he played for the Greyhounds. “I can’t imagine playing another position, maybe receiver if I was faster,” Cash explains with a laugh. “I have gotten faster since last season, but hopefully fans won’t worry about that.”

Cash is the only child of Bobby Jo and Lisa Forrester. Although he loves sports and fishing, academics is his primary focus. He has a 4.0 GPA as he enters his senior year. When asked about anticipating being valedictorian, Cash shakes his head saying, “It is either me or Alex [Emery].” Alex Emery is another Greyhound on the football team.

Although he follows Razorback football and baseball, Cash’s hobbies include fishing and hunting. The favorites are trout fishing, dove hunting and duck hunting. After high school, Cash would love to play more baseball, but his degree choice will determine which college to attend. His goal is to be a dentist or orthodontist. “I don’t want to attend college to far from home so my mom will come do my laundry,” laughs Cash. Truly, his parents are a very important part of his success.

“My dad attends practices and never misses a game. At game time, I find where he is sitting, I check out the cheerleaders, I scan to see how many fans are there and I look for Mr. Alton Walker,” says Cash. Of course, the cheerleader reference made the list as a typical teenager.            

As the 2018 season grows near, Forrester is ready for the challenge. “I look for Osceola to be the most challenging. The coaches are prepared and they will have us ready,” states Cash. “I would like to win the State Championship. Not just for the accomplishment, but since it is Coach Bradley’s final season.”

FAS Hounds began on Monday, July 9th for the Greyhounds at 7 am. Forrester was there by 6 am. “His work ethic is an example for the entire team. He is smart and knows all the positions,” states Coach Reynolds. “I have watched him grow over the years into a great young man. Since he was old enough to walk, he was throwing a football in my yard, loving the game.”