The Featured Player of the week is Conner Prince. Conner is the son of Monica Welch and Shane Prince, both Newport High School graduates. Often referred to in my football articles as the “ginger giant,” Conner wears the number 57 and plays guard on offense and a tackle on defense.  “I love football because the job is to hit people,” laughs Conner. When asked about his reason for wearing that particular number, Conner tells of Greyhound Alumni DeShawn Anderson. “DeShawn wore the number, and when he graduated, DeShawn wanted me to have it,” he remarks with a smile. Conner did not play Pee Wee Football, but began in the 7th grade with a vengeance.

            Although Conner plays Greyhound Football during the Fall, his favorite sport is baseball. He is the catcher for the Greyhound Baseball team and would love to play the sport on the next level. He travels during the summer with the Stix Baseball team. Conner is undecided about attending college as of now, but would definitely attend if the opportunity to play baseball arises. “I would pursue a degree in Agriculture if I go to college,” states Conner, “But, most likely, I will look into programs such as High-Voltage Lineman, Welding, or possibly join the US Army.” 

            The Hounds are like family to Conner. Of all the players on the team, Dalton Phillips is his go-to guy. “We play the same position on different sides and we are great friends,” laughs Conner. His favorite coach on staff is Head Coach Mark Hindsley. “He has been there to call me out when I needed it,” states Prince. According to Hindsley, “Conner has shown leadership and dependability in this early season. Conner has natural leadership skills that the team responds to. There is no limit to what Conner can achieve when he gets mind set on it. I expect Conner to have a strong senior year season for the Hounds!”

            Mathematics and Agri Classes are his favorites at NHS. “I prefer hands-on classes,” remarks Conner. “I love to hunt. Duck hunting is my favorite.”

Conner works part-time throughout the year, but knows he has a lifetime to work. He puts school and sports before working so he can enjoy the time as teenager. With fans like his brother Chase, sister Ally, and grandmother Judy Welch “JuJu”, Conner is making the most of his days at NHS. “Chase and I are year apart. He plays golf and is a great precision shooter,” brags Conner about his brother. Although they play different Fall sports, the brothers play NHS Baseball together in the Spring.

            The Hounds play a scrimmage against Highland next Friday night at Greyhound Field. The game time is 7 pm. Make plans to attend.