The Greyhound Featured Player this edition is # 20 J.T. Haynes. Haynes is 5-10’, 175 pounds and runs the 40 in 4.6 seconds. Referred to as “Sizzle” by teammates and most who know him, Haynes plays wide receiver and free safety for the 2018 Greyhounds. When asked about wearing the number 20, Haynes says picked that number as a sophomore and has kept is as his own ever since. His love for the game shows through his performance on the field. According to Head Coach Mark Hindsley, “JT is very dependable and has a great work ethic as a Hound. He devoted June to putting in extra work to get better, which is showing so far this season. JT will be working both sides of the ball this year and will be the player to watch this season.”  

Academically, Haynes maintains a 3.0 grade point average and plans to continue his education at the University of Central Arkansas in Conway after graduation. As most student athletes, he would love to play at the next level. “My dream would be to play as a Razorback,” smiles JT. “JT is a young man that played wide receiver for us last year. He made some unbelievable catches this summer in camps and showed his skill set. I am excited to see what the season holds for JT. Very proud of this young man.” Coach Jon Bradley. After graduation, he plans to pursue a career in Mechanical Engineering, possibly own a construction company.

For now, Haynes plans to enjoy his senior year at Newport High School. He loves English and plays Baseball in the Spring. The year will be full of academics and sports for # 20, but he still devotes time to work part-time at Sonic. “JT is very committed to being the best he can be. He is a good student, very dependable, hard-working, and his character is an example to all the players. What stands out is his demeanor and relationships with the other players and the coaches. His smile is infectious!” states Coach Ben Reynolds. “Coach Reynolds is the top of my list of coaches,” smiles JT. “He is really cool, until he’s not.”

The season begins with a scrimmage against Highland tomorrow night. Many players have pre-game rituals and Haynes is no different. “I listen to hip hop music before the game,” states JT. “When I go onto the field, I like to look up and see my family.” This includes his mother, brother and grandfather on most gamedays.

When asked about what he would like fans to know about him, JT remarks, “I want fans to know that I am a smart kid.” I asked Haynes if he is a little sad that this is his last season as a Greyhound. He smiles that wide smile and says, “I am excited about this senior year and all it entails. I’m not sad now, but I bet I will be later in the season.”