The Greyhounds travelled to Paragould on Friday, September 7th to take on the Greene County Tech Eagles. The Hounds defeated the Eagles 60-28. Greene County Tech started the season strong putting up big points against their previous opponents. Unprepared for the Greyhounds, GCT suffered a triple threat from the Hounds. The threat included the passing game by Quarterback # 16 Cash Forrester, quick as lightning backs and an aggressive defense.

By the end of the first quarter, the score was 12-7. # 4 Monquell Cox, Player of the Week, scored two touchdowns. Repeating the first quarter, # 4 Cox scored twice more and # 19 Rolondo Noguez easily but two points through the uprights to end the half 26-7. After the half, the Hounds began to aggressively keep the scoreboard busy. # 9 Zaywin Smith scored with a Noguez PAT to end the third quarter 33-14. In the final quarter of the ballgame, the Hounds scored another two touchdowns by Cox and another two by # 2 Tharon Davis with three PAT points by Rolondo Noguez.  

            Statistically, the Greyhounds made 26 first downs compared to GCT 21. The Offensively, the Hounds rushed for a total of 354 yards compared to the Eagles 195 yards. The Hounds completed 13 receptions for 207 yards and GCT completed three receptions for 30 yards. The passing game consisted of # 16 Forrester completing 13 passes of 26 attempts for 207 yards and a touchdown. The Hounds made five 3rd down conversions and two 4th down conversions. Defensively, the Mad Dog Defense racked up 48 tackles. # 5 Clemmie Alcorn was ejected for targeting, but the call was overturned on Monday after review.

            Rushing leaders include # 4 Monquell Cox with 19 carries for 200 yards and five touchdowns, # 2 Tharon Davis with eight carries for 125 yards and two touchdowns, # 5 Clemmie Alcorn with four carries for 18 yards and a fumble recovery, and # 32 Julius Pruitt with one carries for 11 yards.

Receiving leaders include # 21 Julius Clark with three receptions for 109 yards, # 9 Smith with five for 40 yards, # 20 JT Haynes with three for 31 yards, # 2 Davis with one for 18 yards, and # 4 Cox with one for 9 yards and a touchdown.

Defensively, the team racked up 48 tackles. Leaders include # 32 Julius Pruitt; 10 tackles, # 55 Alex Emery; 6 tackles and an assist, # 10 Spencer Murphy; four tackles and an assist, # 70 Dalton Phillips; four tackles, and # 3 James Dixson; four tackles.

The Hounds host Lonoke for the first home game of the season. Game time is 7 pm. Make plans to attend!