Most of Newport and Jackson County know this issue’s Featured Player Chris Avalos even if they cannot recall his name or that he plays for the Newport Greyhound Football Team. His amazing smile is a constant at El Puente, owned by his family and one of Newport’s favorite restaurants. Chris has been active in the family business from the age of 13 years old. His gracious demeanor and outgoing nature are wonderful contributions to Greyhound Football. Chris attended Castleberry Elementary School from kindergarten through sixth grade. He moved to Missouri for a few years to expand the family business, but returned to Newport and his old friends his Freshman year. “I recall working at the restaurant on Fridays and listening to the excitement about football,” says Chris. “I wasn’t sure what it was all about, but I knew I wanted to be part of it.”

            Chris was encouraged by his friends who were Greyhound football players, to give it a try. Chris joined the Greyhounds in January of his sophomore year to begin off season workouts. “I was very weak, but worked up,” states Chris. “We have some really strong guys.” Up until he joined the Greyhounds that Spring, Chris had never played or even watched the game of football. He laughs as he recalls knowing nothing about the game. “Chris is a great young man who works extremely hard every day. He goes above and beyond to make himself and his teammates better. Chris is a true team player and is doing a great job. He is the kind of player that every coach loves to have on the team,” states Coach Jon Bradley.

Chris wears the # 13 and plays Wide Receiver and Outside Linebacker. “I was given that number when I joined the team and realized it was also NFL Odell Beckham’s number,” laughs Chris. “I decided to keep it.”

            “Chris is a true team player. He is a hard worker that does what is asked of him whenever asked. Chris always shows up ready to go and that never goes unnoticed. Chris is the epitome of the attitude and effort that we preach every day. Every team needs a Chris Avalos,” states Head Coach Mark Hindsley. Although very busy and unable to attend many of the games, his parents are very supportive of Chris being a Newport Greyhound. His father, Manuel, loves to hear about the games and the success of the Hounds.

            As a great academic student, Chris plans to attend college next Fall. “I plan to get a degree in business and then an MBA,” states Chris. “I would like to expand our business into more than three states.” The University of Arkansas in Fayetteville is an option, but Chris has not yet made a decision. When asked about what he would like the community to know about him, Chris laughs and smiles saying, “I had never been to, or participated in, a football game until I was dressed out as a Greyhound against Gosnell last year.” Pictured are Chris Avalos and former Greyhound Alumni Alberto Garcia.