Senior # 70 Dalton Phillips is the Featured Player this week. Dalton plays left guard and nose for the Newport Greyhounds. Although Dalton moved to Newport in the sixth grade, the Newport community considers him as homegrown as the rice in the fields. Dalton began playing football in the fourth grade outside Orlando, Florida. As his grandmother’s health deteriorated due to cancer, the family moved to Newport. It is no wonder that Dalton recalls teammate Alex Emery as his first friend made when he moved to Newport. The two have played Newport Football together since.

            According to Coach Jon Bradley, “Dalton has worked hard to become a very good player for the team. He is strong and very quick off the ball. He had a great game against Hoxie and I expect him to have a great senior season.” With 22 tackles this year, Dalton is an important part of the Hound defense. “Dalton has been a go to guy for us for the past three years. He plays for us on both sides of the ball on the line and is an important part of what we do. Dalton is one of the most physical players we have, always ready to get after whoever we play. Dalton loves football and has a relentless drive to be great,” states Coach Mark Hindsley. Dalton would love to play football after high school and is undecided as to what the future holds. As a guy who loves to be outside and work hands-on, he anticipates attending a trade school, possibly welding or diesel mechanic.

            During our time together, I asked Dalton about his favorite player. He asked me if I meant on or off the field. Interesting that I have never been asked that by any player. He explained that Conner Prince is his favorite teammate on the field. “He and I feed off each other. Conner really motivates me and we know what needs to be done,” laughs Phillips. “Off the field, Spencer Murphy is my best teammate. He and I are close friends and his family has always been there for me.”

Dalton loves being a Greyhound and making lasting memories with the team.

Dalton and his father, Eric Phillips, share a passion for football. His father lives in Florida and remains active in Dalton’s football Friday nights. He tunes in to the radio broadcast through the Sudbury App and watches the game on Cable 15TV through YouTube. On Saturday mornings, the two facetime and talk about the game. He plans to be in Newport for Senior night against Osceola.

It is routine for me to ask the player of the week about what they want the community to know about them outside of Friday night. Dalton explains, “Life is not all about football. I go through a lot emotionally not having a very large family in Newport. It is only my mom, sister and grandfather. Many of us have more responsibility outside of football that weighs on us.” Leading into a favorite coach on staff and he smiles, “As hard as he can be on me, Coach Hindsley is the favorite coach. He doesn’t want to be my dad, but Hindsley holds me accountable. I appreciate that.”